Hurricane Ian impacts on our community in SWFL

A note from feelathom owner, Kate

I'm a local, born and raised in Naples, Florida. Our storefront and warehouse is located downtown in the Naples Design District. My community has been devastated by Hurricane Ian. Not only did the feelathom store get 4ft of flooding, but worse... people have lost their lives or everything they own, including a roof over their head. It's been heartbreaking to hear the stories, and reminds me to be grateful the impact was not worse for me or my family. Our small town has never seen such destruction and chaos. In Naples, we have many elders without any help, various low income communities that flooded up to the roof, and animals who were abandoned by their owners. And that's just to sum it up.

We hope we can raise awareness of the severity this natural disaster has caused SWFL, and be able to give back to those in need. Each month for the rest of 2022 we will select a local charity and be donating 10% of our profits from every sale. For the month of October we will donate to Collier Comes Together Hurricane Fund (COLLIERCF.ORG) to benefit SWFL nonprofit relief efforts and programs to get funds where they are needed most - quickly and efficiently at no administrative cost.

Thank you to every customer for your support through this difficult time. I hope we can get our storefront open for you soon, but with Hurrican Ians impact the projected date is now expected for 2023.

xo, Kate